Mba Adeck Akah born March 4,1979 in Batibo, Cameroon) is a professional Cameroonian football player. In his homeland, Adeck is considered one of the most brilliant footballer of all times and some people compare his skills and ball touches to those of legends like George Weah, Jay Jay Okocha.

Renowned for his 68(virgule) dribbling skill and toque style of play.He plays as a midfielder or forward.His versality due to his skills,mobility and goal scoring ability makes most coaches to use him more as a supporting striker(91/2)than as a midfielder.He plays very well with both feet and average with the head.

Adeck was born and brought up in Batibo where football was very much discouraged by many parents.It was considered by many parents as a game for lazy people but his parents were comprehensive enough to let him choose his own career.They have been very supportive to him.He played for his school teams as a youngster and showed tremendous promise as a brilliant footballer.


lt wasn’t easy for Adeck to be signed by Moghamo United as he was too young,small and fragile though with profuse talents.He had to convince everyone on the pitch by playing well and scoring lots of goals.In the final qualification match to division two,he scored a decisive solo effort goal from the center. He fast became a threat to many defenders.He became a prolific scorer as he banged five hat tricks during his spell with Moghamo United.He was also the captain of the team.He played 28 matches and scored 26 goals.He emerged the best scorer in the league.


Adeck’s goal scoring talents attracted division one clubs to him but his parents chose PWD Bamenda because it was nearer home as he was still too young to live alone and far from the parents.The beginning in division one wasn’t easy for the youngster but he rapidly adapted himself to the level and made himself conspicuous everywhere he played.He was converted from a striker to a winger then to a midfielder since he was very skillful with enormous technique.He suffered a lot of injuries in his second year at the club.He became the team captain in his third year at the club.He had a selection into the National team.The club was relegated to division two in 1998 due to a terrible financial crisis.He played 67 matches and scored 18 goals.


Despite of the fact that PWD Bamenda was relegated to division two,Adeck had a fantastic seasonand many clubs were yearning for him.In the beginning,he did not like Cotonsport because of the harsh climate in the North of Cameroon but their offer,quality of the coach and organization of the club was enormous for him to turn them down. Cotonsport was champion which meant he’d to play champion’s league in Africa.Unfortunately for him,they were eliminated from the champion’s league in Africa at the qualifying stage and were the vice champions of Cameroon.Working with high class coach,skills he didn’t know he possessed were now conspicuous and he excelled.He played 32 matches,scoring 5 goals and gave 10 assists.


His European campaign started in Poland with a fatal muscle injury picked up on his debut game and it wasn’t taken good care of.It kept him out of the game for about five months.However,he came back forcefully towards the end of the season and had some fantastic games.An agent spotted him and took him to Germany.


He got to Germany in November 2000 with lots of ambitions.He rapidly adapted himself to German football and was excelling.He scored beautiful and crucial goals for his clubs. His game was very much loved by BFC Dynamo Berlin fans who gave him the nickname “FUSSBALL GOTT”. Most of his clubs had financial problems which forced him to frequently move. He played 89 matches and scored 27 goals in Germany.



He made a tremendous name in Cameroon during his short spell with Canon Yaounde.He made a triumphant come back into the Cameroon championship.He entertained football lovers in Cameroon with his matured skills.He took a short period of time to become the leading scorer and best player in the championship(voted by number one sports website and newspaper in Cameroon-CAMFOOT).He picked up another selection into the National team.He left Cameroon for Israel after the pause for a greener pasture.



He went through tough trials to get a contract with Hapoel Akko. He was given his favorite jersey number 14. However,with his experience and skills, he took a short time to settle down in Hapoel Akko. He’s the play maker of the team and the team is built around him. He played 40 matches,scoring 9 goals and gave 12 assists in the 2006/07 season. He’s already played 4 matches and scored a goal in the 2007/08 season.

He finally ended the 2007/08 season with four goals and 10 assists from 30 games. Adeck Mba played a vital role in the promotion of Hapoel Akko from liga leumit to Ligat Ha’AL in the 2008/09.He played 29 matches scoring 5 goals and gave numerous assists.He played with Hapoel Akko in Liga Ha’al but was plagued by injuries and even a fatal accident at home which kept him out of the game for 2 to 3 months. Nevertheless, he managed and played 17 games scoring a goal.He also played 5 Toto cup games scoring twice.

2011 AC KAJAANI    

Mba Adeck signed a short contract with AC Kajaani in 2011. The club had been struggling for many years to gain promotion to Kakkonen but was frequently beaten at the play-offs. Adeck Mba helped the club in 2011 to finally achieve its dreams by gaining promotion to Kakkonen in 2011.They were Kolmonen champions in their pool and won the play offs as well. Adeck Mba also scored 4 goals in a game for the first time in his career in the 8-3 routing of As Moon.


In 2012, it was announced that Adeck Mba signed a 6 months contract as a player coach with Bamenda FC which played in the North West Regional Second division championship. There was little success as the club lost at the playoffs to represent the Region at the inter-pools.However, the club represented the Region at the 32 finals of the cup of Cameroon but was ousted by Renaissance de Ngumou 5-2.
Adeck Mba put an end to his career in December 2012 and concentrated on his coaching badges.He has tremendous dreams to become a youth development coach.
                                                                         TEAMS MANAGED
                                                              2012                                 Bamenda FC
                                                              2013-2014                      Moghamo Sports Academy
                                                              2015                                 Bamenda FC


  • Top Scorer of the Second Division Championship North West Region (1995)
  • Oberliga Meister 2000/01(Germany)
  • Wertvollster spieler(Most Valuable Player)Mitte Cup in Berlin 2003(Germany)
  • Liga Leumi (Second division) runners up 2008/09(Israel)
  • Kolmonen champions and promotion to Kakkonen 2011(Finland)